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What Do We Look For During A Home Inspection?


Ever wonder what your home inspector is doing or going to do be doing while they are at your home or potential new property?  Read on to find out a few of the things we inspect and look for.


Our inspection is not limited to this list and can change due to weather and other conditions that can be a health or safety issue for the inspector. We always encourage you to join us to learn about your new home. We try very hard to give our best idea to the causes and repair of any issue that we find, but sometimes we have to suggest a second opinion from a specialist in that area. Here is a quick glimpse to what we do. Believe me we wish it was this easy!

Foundations: We inspect the materials the foundation is built with. We are looking for any evidence of shifting, settling, signs of movement and for water leakage or damage.

Property: We are looking for negative grade, safety hazards, possible health issues and any signs of movement.

Roofs and gutters: We walk the entire roof (only when there isn’t any safety concerns) to check the type of roofing materials and the condition of the surface. We also check all flashing and roof penetrations for excessive wear or leaking. We make it a point to check that the gutters and downspouts are functioning properly and are installed correctly.

Exterior walls: Depending on the surface materials we inspect for damage, rot, or missing components. We also look for chipped or peeling paint and any cracks or signs of structural issues.

Doors and windows: We check that all doors and window operate as they should and that there isn’t and damaged or broken glass.

Insulation: We inspect that the proper type and amount is in the attic exterior wall and basements or crawlspaces.

Porches and decks: We look for any safety issues including rot, missing or loose components and excessive wear and damage.

Sidewalks and driveways: We are looking for spalling, heaving, unsettling and that the concrete flows away from the house.

Plumbing and fixtures: We test all fixtures including the sinks, toilets and outside faucets. We check that all drains work properly and that there are no visible signs of leaks or water damage. We notate the location of the water shut off and the gas shut off.

Heating and cooling systems: We inspect the age, type and condition of the furnace and AC components. We check all readily accessible areas of the HVAC for damage, non-working components and other issues that would be associated with the HVAC system.

Water heater: We indicate the make, model, size and fuel type of the water heater and look for any signs of end of life for the unit.  We test the temperature of the water at a sink location to make sure the unit is working.

Electrical panel, fixtures, switches, & receptacles: We notate the location of the main and sub panels as well as the size and main disconnect. We activate all lights and test the majority of all outlets. We verify GFCIs are in the proper locations and if they are connected where the reset button is.

Attic, basement, and crawl spaces: We go into all easily accessible attics and crawlspaces to inspect any component that is in there. We also check all basements for signs of water damage or movement.

Fireplaces: We check the type and all accessible components. We do not light wood burning fireplaces.

Insects: We look for and signs of infestation and or damage causes by insects.

Radon and mold: We visually look for molds or any signs that could cause mold. We also have the ability to test for radon.

• …and anything else that comes our way as we methodically work our way around the home and property.

Once we have finished our inspection and have taken all the pictures we need, we put all that information into a very easy to read report and send an email to you and to your agent (provided you gave us permission to) so you are able discuss your next move in the purchase.  If you are are able to be at the property during the inspection we are more than happy to spend a little time going through the report and answering any questions you may have.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have after the transaction has been completed.  Your total satisfaction is our goal!

Reliable Solutions Home Inspections

Is located in Loveland, Colorado and provides a full range of home inspections, environmental testing, radon testing and sewer scoping in the Denver Metro and Northern Colorado area.  We pride ourselves on making sure each and every client gets our best work and same day reports.

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