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Home Buyers, Preparing To Attend Your Home Inspection

Home Inspections

Your list is shorter than the sellers list for preparing for a home inspection, but it is still just as important to do your homework. You are paying for the inspection, so let’s get as much as we can out of the time.


  1. Once we have set a date and time for the inspection prepare for about 3 hours to do the entire inspection.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes to walk in and dress appropriately for the weather and other elements.
  3. Bring a pen and paper to take notes and a tape measure to get any measurements you may need. I am also a fan of bringing a camera for your own purposes. These items are useful if you want to do any remodels, painting or to see where and if your furniture will fit.
  4. Once we climb onto the roof or enter the attic or crawlspace please DO NOT FOLLOW US these can be very dangerous places. Allow us to determine the situation and we will inform you of the condition and provide pictures of these areas and components.
  5. As we are walking around doing our inspection please don't hesitate to stop and ask questions. We will be pointing things out to you like the main water shut-off or the GFCI reset button. We make note of these items and put in our inspection report, but feel free to take your own notes.
  6. Please obey the “yard stick” rule when we are working around any electrical distribution panels. Give us a minimal of 3 feet of room to insure a safe distance so no one accidentally touches any electrical components. This is a very dangerous area to work and we want to protect everyone from electrical shock.
  7. As we conclude the inspection we will hand over your inspection report filled with everything we saw including pictures and any recommendation. We will take the time to walk you through the home and the report page by page and answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to call or email us with any questions as there will be a lot of information the day of the inspection.


Buyers Guide To A Home Inspection

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