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Sewer Scope Inspection

sewer scoping

Professional, Unbiased Sewer Scoping

As a leader in Home Inspections in Northern Colorado, we strive to offer unbiased sewer scope inspections to identify problems or possible problems in the homes sewer lateral line.  The home owner is responsible for any repairs or replacements of this line and those can be quite costly. Typical price to replace is from $4,000 to $15,000, not to mention the time involved and the fact that you can't use any of the plumbing in your house!  We don't offer any services to fix problems that we may come across as we find that a conflict of interest.  Our main goal is to provide you with the factual information you need to find the right plumbing company or contractor to do the work for you.  We offer sewer scope inspections in the Denver and Northern Colorado area.  This service can be a stand alone service (just the sewer scope), or can be included in any of our Home Inspection services as well.

How Do We Do It?

Using state of the art CCTV camera equipment we deploy a small camera into the homes sewer lateral line.   We are able to look for any problems in real time and we record the whole thing so you have a digital copy for your records.

Typical Residential Sewage Diagram

Sewer Scoping

What Types Of Problems Are We Looking For?

There are four typical issues that can affect most sewer lateral lines.  Using our specialized camera equipment we are able to look closely at your homes lateral line for the following:

Clogged Lines

When any foreign object or material becomes lodged in the pipe it can cause a backup.  In some cases we are able to dislodge the obstruction with our camera, saving you a call to the plumber.  In other cases a plumbing company can come out and clear your line for you.


Clogged lateral line

Collapsed Line

When the lateral line gets crushed or becomes degraded to the point that the pipes break apart, you can have a real problem on your hands.  This usually requires the line to be dug out and replaced.

Collapsed lateral line

Root Intrusion

Usually found in older pipes, tree roots can find their way into the lateral line.  The moisture from the water in the line attracts the roots and they eventually are able to break through into the line.  Depending on the damage, the line would either need to be replaced, or may just need to be cleared out by a plumbing company.

Root Intrusion in lateral line

Belly Line

Bellies are low spots in the line, usually found in PVC type pipes, but can be present in any type of lateral.  They collect water and other material that is pushed down the line and can cause a blockage to the pipe.  Sometimes these don't really cause any problems, other times they do and would need to be repaired by a qualified plumbing company or contractor.

Belly in lateral line

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