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Environmental Testing Services

air mold testing

Here at Reliable Solutions Home Inspections, we offer a wide range of environmental testing services.  We want to help make sure your home is as safe as possible for you and your loved ones.  As a non-biased resource, we do not offer services to remedy any problems.  We simply want to make sure you get an accurate, easy to understand test completed so that you can make an informed decision as to what steps to take next. Read more below about the different testing services we offer.

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Mold Testing

Mold Testing


We are able to test your home for any mold that may be present.  Air and/or swab samples are collected by our inspectors and sent to an independent test lab for further evaluation.  We then provide you with a detailed report that documents any problems, or shows that your property is free and clear of any mold issues!

When Should I Consider Getting A Mold Test Done?

  1. When mold is not obviously visible, but the smell of it is present (typically an earthy or musty odor). A mold inspection and mold test can reveal whether there is indeed elevated mold levels, and usually where it is located.
  2. Post mold removal clearance testing to make sure that the previous mold issues have been resolved and mold counts have returned to levels found in the same normal environmental conditions.
  3. For any real estate transactions to protect the buyers and sellers.
  4. Landlord/Tenant disputes as to whether or not there is a mold problem on the property.
  5. If you have had any plumbing leaks or water issues and there is any suspicion that elevated mold levels might exist in the air and/or behind walls.
  6. If you or any of your family members seem to be experiencing health issues that could be caused by mold (coughing, sneezing, headaches, etc). Here, a mold inspection and test may help to confirm if a mold problem actually exists in the home.
  7. You are just interested in a general indoor air quality test of your home for peace of mind!


asbestos testing

Asbestos Testing


Asbestos is a cluster of naturally occurring minerals that were quite often used in construction through the late 1970s. When broken or disturbed, asbestos containing materials release small fibers that when inhaled or ingested can cause fatal lung and stomach diseases.

Common building materials that contain asbestos include but are not limited to:

  1. Vermiculite insulation
  2. 9”x9” floor tiles
  3. Acoustic ceiling tiles
  4. White tape on heating ducts
  5. Insulation on boiler pipes and boilers
  6. Old asbestos cement siding
  7. Popcorn ceiling texture
  8. Glues used under flooring

If you suspect any asbestos materials in your home or potential new home, we can take samples to be tested in order to verify.  

Lead Testing

Lead Testing


Most paint products contained lead up until 1978. During our home inspection, if peeling paint is found and the home was built before then, we will recommend a lead test in order to determine if the paint used is in fact lead based.

Lead is a powerful neurotoxin that interferes with the development and functioning of almost all body organs, particularly the kidneys, red blood cells, and central nervous system. In young children, lead retards the development of the central nervous system and brain.

Main water supply lines, which carry the potable drinking water to residents, often contained lead as well.  Many are still found in existence during our home inspections, predominantly in older homes.  During our home inspection, we look for lead supply lines to protect you from the potential of drinking tap water that could cause lead poisoning.

High levels of lead exposure can result in serious health issues such as coma, convulsions, and death. At low levels, lead can cause reduced IQ, reading and learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and behavioral problems.

Reliable Solutions Home Inspections provides lead based testing collected from paint, dust and soil samples.  We are also able to test the water in your home or potential new home for any traces of lead.

Water Quality Testing

Water Testing


By taking water samples from your homes supply, we are able to test for many different things.  Whether you are connected to the municipal water supply, or on your own well, getting your water tested is a good idea to make sure you don't have any hidden quality issues.

A few reasons why a water test would be beneficial are; if you are pregnant or nursing: have an unexplained illness in the family: any change in taste, color, odor or clarity of the water: a neighbor tests positive for contaminants in their water: any dumping of pesticides, fuels or chemicals into or near your water source: if any part of your well system has been repaired or replaced.

Some Of The Things We Can Test For:

  1. Alkalinity
  2. Bacteria (Total Coliform & E Coli)
  3. Clarity
  4. Chlorine
  5. Color
  6. Copper
  7. Hardness
  8. Iron
  9. Lead
  10. Nitrate & Nitrete
  11. PH (Acidity)
  12. Pesticides
  13. Radon


Allergen Testing

Allergen Testing


Many people have allergies to common things found in most households.  If you want to find out if your current home, or a home you plan to purchase, has any of the things you are allergic to, we are able to do an allergen test.  Your Reliable Solutions Home Inspector will collect samples from multiple sites in the home.  These samples are then sent to a laboratory for expert analysis and a report is provided to you.   Based on the test results you can then decide what corrective action can be taken to reduce exposure to those allergens.

Some Of The Allergens We Test For:

1. Dog
2. Cat
3. Cockroach 1 & 2
4. Dust mite 1 & 2
5. Mouse
6. Rat
7. Fungal Alt.
8. Fungal Asp.

meth testing

Meth Testing


Most experts agree that if methamphetamine is smoked even once inside a home, that it can leave behind chemical traces that can cause serious health issues for the occupants.  If you suspect that your current home, or a home you plan on purchasing, has had meth used in it, we can test to find out.    Our inspectors will swab four separate areas in the home where meth residue typically would be found.  We are then able to test the samples immediately and provide you with the results on-site.  As well, we will email you our report with the findings within 24 hours.  


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